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Virtual Keyboards

January 5th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This keyboard is really nice. You just connect your iPhone via Bluetooth with the iTech Virtual Keyboard and here we go:

I-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard

There is now a solution available to use this keyboard in reality. You have to use a jailbroken iPhone – but that’s not a real problem 😉

At ENGADGET you’ll find a video of this setup – iPhone, Virtual Keyboard AND the new Magic Mouse…

So this would be a solution for that ones writing really much on their iPhones and / or those of us which are not that happy with that little virtual keyboard Apple is providing.

The price is hot: $ 169.99 with the english keyboard layout. You need different keyboard layout? Well, there’s no german one – but you can purchase a russian one…

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