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Apple iPad

The new Apple iPad.

The eagle has landed – and is not called iSlate. I always did not like the rumored name for the new apple device and I was happy to see that it is now called ‘iPad’.

It’s – as already blogged by many others – something between the iPhone and the MacBook(s) (Pro). It’s nice, it’s shiny and of course it’s NOT new.

Many competitors already tried to give an tablet a chance – but they wasn’t very successful up to now. What they made wrong? Well – as always during the last years Apple made it (or will make it) by a perfect setup of two things: design & usability.

Usability within this content means for me not only the haptic of the device and / or the OS which is driving it. It’s more the content which makes it some kind of usable.

This device seems to be a ‘Super-Kindle’ – it’s not monochrome, it’s not only showing up with eBooks: Apps (the iPhone / iPod Touch ones AND a new cat. of Apps just for the iPad), Business-Framework (iWorks), Fun (Movies, Photos, Games…) and a intelligent setup of accessories (Cover, Doc, Keyboard, Camera Connector…) right from the beginning AND a pricing where it’s worth to think about buying one 🙂 – amazing, again.

The Kindle is a great device – yes. But it’s usage is restricted to ‘reading’… this won’t be enough I think.

So what about? Simple: I WANT ONE – NOW! And I’m happy with the Wifi only only one… don’t need 3G!
update: did I mention that it’s shiny? Well this is one really big advantage of the amazon Kindle – it’s not shiny… and therefor you can read your ebooks at the beach for example – would be hard with the glossy iPad I think…

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