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How to shrink the vid

March 10th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the past – well, in the very past 😉 I was using PCs to shrink my DVDs so that I could put them onto my PS3. As an tool I used the popular Windows app called ‘SHRINK’ to get this job done.

Nowadays I’m back on a Mac (MacBook Pro) and I was searching for a tool similar to ‘SHRINK’. It didn’t took me that long to find some – but the best choice for me was clearly ‘HandBrake’ – a very powerful tool.

The problem I always had was that my PS3 stick to the codecs SONY provides… so no MKV e.g.

Shrinking the vids with other codecs than AVI always ended in the problem that there was no 5.1 surround sound afterwards. So I always had to move with AVI containers. Then – some time ago – the guys of ‘HandBrake’ decided to get rid of the AVI container because it’s not state of the art any more… toooo old format.

That meant for me to stick to an old version of HandBrake which was able to convert the DVDs to an AVI file with 5.1 sound.

But now – after a while – there’s a new version out of HandBrake – and this one now is able to create NON-AVI files with 5.1 sound (AC3 passthrough) which is also playable with Sony’s PS3:

Handbrake - Current Version 0.9.5

Handbrake - Current Version 0.9.

To get the vid converted simply download the app to your computer, move the Icon of ‘HandBrake’ into your ‘Application’ folder and start it.

You will be prompted by ‘Select file’ dialog to specify the source to be converted – select in this dialog the DVD Masterfile – (e.g. ‘MUSTER-DVD.DVDMEDIA’) and click on the ‘Open’ Button:

Source Selection

After that the masterfile is scanned – and when finished the content is shown as Video- and Audio-Part.

Select now within the ‘Presets’ area the ‘Regular – High Profile’ entry to specify the presets for the encoding of the video:

Presets of HandBrake

Open the Audio-Tab of HandBrake to select the audio-track you’d like to add to the converted video:
Select Audio AC3-Passthrough

Be aware to select here ‘AC3 Passthru’!!

Once this settings are done you can click on the ‘Start’ button to start converting – the converted file is of type ‘m4v’ and contains the full AC3 sound track with 5.1 capability.

Have fun!

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