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Lord Of The Rings – Easter Egg in MacOS X

November 30th, 2012 No comments

Open your terminal and enter the following:

cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr

Lord Of The Rings Calendar MacOS X Easter Egg

Lord Of The Rings Calendar

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Mac OS X Key-Strokes & Shortcuts

August 18th, 2011 No comments

Troubles with your MacOS X Lion installation? Want to know how to restart your Mac in ‘Safe mode’?

Here are some shortcuts helping to solve the issues:

  • Eject CD on boot –> Mouse button after power on
  • OS X Safe boot –> Hold Shift key during startup
  • Startup from CD / DVD –> Hold C during startup
  • Startup in Verbose mode –> Hold cmd-V during startup
E.g. starting the Mac in ‘safe mode’ shows you if the problem you are facing is based on a extension not working, or even the Lion installation itself.
So this helped me to pin down iScreen as the extension hiding my logon-screen.
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MacOS X ‘Lion’ and the Magic Mouse

July 21st, 2011 No comments

MacOS X Lion

The new release of MacOS X is now the second day on the 15″ MacBook Pro and it fits perfectly 🙂


There was only one problem with the new GUI and I couldn’t find much in the web about it – so I had to find my way through by playing around. Let me explain what happened:

Opening a App like e.g. Safari in Fullscreen Mode hides the menu bar and the dock (which I normally always hide – also not in fullscreen mode). It was explained that the user has to move the cursor on the top of the screen to unhide the menubar and to move the cursor on the bottom of the screen to unhide the dock.

Yesterday I had no problem with unhiding the menubar – but today it didn’t work. I tried to fix the problem by deactivating the extensions I had installed for Safari – but this couldn’t be the problem because the menubar wasn’t available also in iTunes, iMovie and so on…

Suddenly today it worked again – I don’t really know why. But what me made curious was the hidden dock – this one still didn’t show up… only sometimes and I couldn’t pin down when.


After playing around I found out that the dock is shown when using the trackpad on the MBP itself by swiping down (cursor moves down to the bottom of the screen) and then again swiping down – just with ONE finger on the trackpad.

But I couldn’t get it to work with the Magic Mouse… till now 😉

The thing is swiping down with one finger is not the similar on the Magic Mouse than on the trackpad – with the Magic Mouse you have to lift off the whole mouse from the ground and move it then again from top to down… simple – but not the first thought when

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