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iTunes does not sync with iPhone, iPad (Error -1723)

May 2nd, 2014 2 comments

During the last few weeks I realized that my iPad mini wasn’t synchronizing any more. The error -1723 was shown.

At the Apple forums I found a couple of entries talking about this error and where it is coming from. Apple support gives the advice to

* change the USB cable and / or

* change the USB port to which it is connected to

* re-install iTunes

* re-install OS X (Mavericks in that case)

They also mentioned that Apple is telling them that the problem is hardware related and they should show up in a retail store to check.

Most of the people didn’t have luck with the suggestions Apple was providing – and I personally ran through some of them – but i didn’t re-install OS X – also with no luck at all.

Instead of doing a complete reinstall I tried to drill down the problem itself and recognized at some point that the media browser wasn’t showing photos any more – not in iTunes, but e.g. in Pages, Mail, Numbers…

That pointed me to the photo library and I started to have a deeper look at that. Knowing about the media browser issue in other applications I now checked the photo tab within iTunes when a iDevice is connected and found that there was only a spinning wheel shown… for hours. So for me this was now the indicator that something is wrong with the photo-libraries.

The setup I’m using here is:

MBP late 2008
Aperture 3.5.1
iPhoto 9.5.1 installed (but not in use)
iTunes 11.1.5

I started to test some settings and one was to setup a new Aperture Lib. I then opened iPhoto and selected this library there too.  Everything worked fine – but the media browser still was not able to show the content of the library (even if there was no content) –> spinning wheel.

My main idea then was, that maybe there was something changed with one of the last Aperture updates regarding the common use of the lib by both applications – Aperture and iPhoto.

As I didn’t use iPhoto any more I now decided to select a different Lib for iPhoto and Aperture. I opened iPhoto and created a new, fresh Library there.

After that I re-opened iTunes, selected the iDevice which should be synchronized and moved to the Photo Tab there.

And guess what – yes the spinning wheel was gone and instead of that I now was able to choose Aperture from the drop down list:

iTunes Photo Library settings

iTunes Photo Library settings

Starting from this point everything worked now like a charm – synchronizing wasn’t a problem any more 🙂

So it wasn’t a hardware issue at all – luckily!


Solution at a glance:

  1. Open iPhoto
  2. Create a new Library for iPhoto (File/Switch to library…/Create New…)
  3. Close iPhoto
  4. Open iTunes
  5. Connect the iDevice
  6. Open the Photos-Tab
  7. Select the Aperture Library (because I’m using it as my primary lib)


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iTunes Match & iTunes in the Cloud

May 1st, 2012 No comments

iTunes Match

Endlich ist heute iTunes Match auch in Österreich und einigen anderen Ländern angekommen.

Der Startschuss fiel gestern mit der Akzeptierung der neuen AGBs, welche die Vorraussetzung für den neuen Dienst darstellen. Zur Zeit läuft auf meinem MBP gerade der Abgleich meiner iTunes Bibliothek mit Apples DB… bin schon gespannt wie lange es dauern wird 🙂

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iBooks now in Austria not limited to Project Gutenberg anymore…

October 22nd, 2011 No comments

Good news! The Apple Bookstore isn’t limited anymore to the Project Gutenberg.

So you now don’t need a german account to get current books:

iBooks Bookstore


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New iOS version 4.3.3 brings update to the GEO-tracking thing

May 4th, 2011 No comments

iOS 4.3.3

I wasn’t very worried about this GEO-tracking issue we heard these days – but It’s good to see that apple reacted immediately.


About Android I didn’t hear anything… so did they a update? Or is there a problem with their update process because of the fact that there are so many different versions (special one for almost each of the brands) out there?

User of Android mobiles should give them a kick like everyone did it with Apple 😉

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How to get an US / DE iTunes account without a credit card

March 11th, 2011 1 comment

iTunes Account

I’m living in Austria – and that means for me not to have access to all the good stuff iTunes provides to users from the US or even DE where I live nearby.

So for example I love it to read – but the books which are available in Austria via the iTunes bookstore are only ‘free’ ones – from the Project Gutenberg.

Another point is that many apps are not available outside the US store…

So – what to do?

Read more…

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