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Epic fail…

December 30th, 2010 No comments

Well, saw such code before – but never on a productive system to secure it 😉

int getRandomNumber()

return 4;



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Prince of Persia – I don’t like it

June 6th, 2009 No comments
Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

full stop.

Well – I was fascinated by the trailers I’ve seen, the webpage UBI Soft has set up and I was impressed by all the reviews made about this game.

So I had to buy it and see how it is in reality on my PS3. I bought it via (which I now really like because of the fast and cheap service they offer) and after it finally arrived at my home I had to try it immediatly on my PS3.

But I was disappointed from the beginning of the game until now.

Why? Here we go:

  1. Graphics – I like the concept but I don’t like the how it was finally implemented the edges are not smooth enough – so there are many steps visible and they are flickering around – looks more like a demo than a final gamescene
  2. Characters – only two characters during 98% of the game? Look at Assassin Creed –> characters all around – and in POP? The prince, his shadow Elika – and of course sometimes ONE enemy… that’s all? Nothing more? Gameplay as it was years ago.
  3. Landscapes – everyone told me the landscapes are so incredible – I can’t sign this. That is nothing against AC. If you stand in AC on the top of a tower it is really amazing to look around (and not only because of the sound). But not so in POP – it’s just looking down on ‘something’ – no details, jpeg fragments without an end…
  4. AC is boring? Because it’s always the same? Well – you didn’t play POP! That’s boring… You are always doing the same (as in AC 😉 )- search your way, kill the monster, collect the lightballs and speak with Elika to get all the information you (don’t) need. And speaking to Elika is really boring – you’ve to click on the L2 / L1 button to initiate the conversation – and to keep it going on. And the conversations take a long time – believe me.

So – that’s enough I think… but no – there’s one point remaining:

I own a PS3 and a Philips FullHD TV – so I want to play games in FullHD with 1080p if possible. I thought POP would be a 1080p FullHD game – there have not been infos available that it is not.

On the backside of the cover it says: HD 720p * 1080i * 1080p and yes – I was so naive to believe it would be 1080p native. That’s definitly wrong – it’s just 720p – and it really don’t help to upscale it to 1080p (some nerds try to tell you it would be working).

If you only have 720p you don’t have the details to show up in 1080p in a better quality. But as I said – I was too naive in this point and therefor it was my fault.

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