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New iPhone App

June 25th, 2009 No comments

TV SelectHad you ever the problem that you couldn’t find the TV-magazine? Well I have it – but I never lost my iPhone (till now 😉 )…

Found today a little app (free to download) called TV Select.

On the preferences page of the app you select all the TV channels you like (up to 15) and afterwards you get them on the info page with all the infos you need:

Channel overview

Channel overview

which TV show / movie is currently shown on all the selected channels – and even more…

The most liked feature here is the little progress bar which shows you how long the show is already on air. So now you get the info you really need.

You also have the possibility to get more details on the currently shown program on TV per channel.

So this app is a ‘must have’ for me!

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New Poll live

June 25th, 2009 No comments

Preferred Collaboration SW…

During the last months I recognized that IBMs Lotus Domino has to fight more against competitors than the last years.

Especially against Sharepoint – it seems that almost every bigger company nearby switches currently from Notes/Domino to MS Sharepoint… and even the smaller one are checking their infrastructure now.

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Sharepoint – on a Mac…

June 25th, 2009 No comments

Never seen Sharepoint native on a Mac before?

Here we go:

The other side...

The other side...

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We just did it again….

June 24th, 2009 No comments

Milk Box exchange

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Trails – a update

June 20th, 2009 No comments

Trails 2.0 - Infopage

Trails 2.0 - Infopage

I have switched to iPhone OS 3.0 without jailbreak a view weeks ago and I’m really feeling happy with this decision.

And as one of my App-Tests I now gave Trails another try – it’s now version 2.0.

The test-trail was about 6km and the duration was about 3h 45min – don’t wonder why it took me so long… the kids have joined me!

Trails has stored 495 waypoints during this test and have been set almost 100% on the ways showed in the map – so this was a positive result of the testing.

During the test I recognized several crashes of the application – trails terminated sometimes when I tried using the camera feature to take a photo related to the current position. All in all that was no problem because it was always possible to restart the session at the last waypoint without loosing data – and the taken photo also was stored.

What about the battery? Well – it works now much better because the display is faded out after not touching the screen and therefor the energy consumption shrinks dramatically. For this session it took about 50% of the overall battery capacity. I think that’s ok for the most trails. If you need more power you should look for an external battery tank like 3GJUICE.

The export of the trail to the Mac OS X application ‘TrailRunner’ worked like a charm and the map showed up the trail in a usable way.

Schneerosenweg - Kufstein

Schneerosenweg - Kufstein

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Palm Pre – are they really so naive?

June 17th, 2009 No comments
...the so called 'iPhone' killer...

...the so called 'iPhone' killer...

You remember the last weeks? Yeah! Palm Pre – the so called iPhone killer – was presented in US.

But what makes it to the iPhone killer?

The absence of a SIM card slot?

So – ok it’s working in US with SPRINT as provider without a SIM card… but what about the ROW?
Calls over skype via a public hotspot 😉

Ah! I’ve to call my customer regarding this big deal we are going to make – where the hell is the next McDonalds with a public hotspot??

So – for sure – to be a phone you have to get it working with SIM cards… specially for the ROW…

Syncing music & photos via iTunes?

And what about their press infos about syncing with iTunes?
Well – as far as I know – iTunes is property of Apple (funny, yeah?)… and the Palm Pre isn’t.

So – ok it may work now to sync it via iTunes… but they can’t really be so naive to believe Apple would tolerate this situation in the future – are they?

So I guess with one of the next updates Apple pushes out the Palm Pre would be also pushed out…

Memory – 8GB…

Well 8GB are really not too less – but to be a iPhone killer you also should have a version with more memory available, should’nt you? There is also a version of the new iPhone 3Gs available with 32GB for those of us who also like to come along with their ‘little’ iTunes libraray…

And last but not least – iPhone 3Gs was announced these a days – and since this point it seems to be clear what we can think of a gadget which is called a ‘iPhone killer’.

Apple on unsupported third-party media players

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Actual Browser statistics

June 15th, 2009 No comments
Safari - Firefox - MS IE

Safari - Firefox - MS IE

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HOME – a movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

June 11th, 2009 No comments


This movie is amazing – wonderful pictures and shocking details about our HOME, the earth.

It’s really fascinating to see how beautiful our planet is – and depressing to see what man kind is doing to it.

There’s nothing more to say about – watch for yourself and be impressed…

> the movie > the project

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Han Solo – Intro (feat. Magnum)

June 10th, 2009 No comments

To beloved TV / cinema movies brought together… what a cool video this is

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Tethering with iPhone

June 10th, 2009 No comments
New Network connection

New Network connection

Well – some guys have to wait till 17th of June to get tethering on their iPhone 3G working. I know one of them – customer at ORANGE…

Mhhhm – T-Mobile.AT seems not to be as bad as thought – they offer tethering without any notice… it’s just WORKING

After upgrading to 3.0 and connecting the iPhone to my MBP I changed the tethering status in the prefs of the iPhone…

After that i connected it to my MBP and got the next message there to setup the new network
And then – yeah we put down that cocktail… Tethering was working over WiFi and 3G:

So well – Chris… WHO has now the wrong provider-contract?


Network setup on the MBP

Network setup on the MBP

iPhone Screenshots

Tethering Settings, running tethering

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