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Dropbox – I’ll give it a try

August 29th, 2009 No comments

DropboxDropbox claims to get rid of different storage locations for data by hosting the data on the web and synching it via little apps automatically.

There are three basic pricing models available:

Basic…..2GB ………. free of charge
Pro 50…..50GB …… $ 9,99 / month
Pro 100….100GB … $ 19,99 / month

and one possibility to expand the Basic model:
refer the service to your friends and get extra space for free…

Installtion on the Mac:
Easy and fast – just download the app and move it from the diskimage to your application folder; start the application and follow the few steps for setup. I’ve choosen the ‘Basic’ version for free.
The sync app is also available for Windows and Linux

A dropbox folder was created automatically and is shown up in your MacOS X navigation pane of the Finder-Windows. Within the Dropbox folder two additional folders have been created: Pictures and Public – and for sure you are able to create addtional folders…

Putting files into these folders are recognized by the Dropbox app which is running in the background – little icon with configuration and information menus. Synchronizing runs really fast and smooth 🙂

I’ll test the system now during the next weeks and will come back later with an review and the experiences I’ve made.

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Drobo updates…

August 27th, 2009 No comments

The drobo dashboard told me today that there’s a update available for the dashboard itself – but not for the drobo. Johannes told me these days that there’s a new version 1.3.4 available for the drobo’s firmware… and he was right.

But the dashboard is not recognizing it automtically – so I had to install it manually. Not the first time, yes.

I downloaded the firmware, started the install process and seconds later the installation finished… without errors 🙂

After a reboot the new version was shown up in the drobo dashboard:

Drobo Firmware / Dashboard update

First impressions:

Nothing special occured after the installation up to now. So now let’s see what happens during the next days…
Don’t expect that the drobo will go into standby now when connected to the AirPort Extreme via USB – nothing changed on this side.

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Apple ships Mac OS Snow Leopard…

August 24th, 2009 No comments

Mac OS 10.6 Snow LeopardApple starts to ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard beginning with August, 28th.

And yes – I’ve ordered the update version vor only € 29,– – we’ll see when it arrives at my little flying circus here 🙂

I also ordered a new sensor for my Nike+ Kit – seems that the old one ran out of power…

I shortly thought of buying the Mac Box Set with Snow Leopard, iLife & iWorks – pricing is really great for this bundle (€ 169,–)… but I’ve bought some weeks ago the MS Office bundle under a very special condition so that it makes no sense for me. But if you need such a package it would really be a great deal!

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MacOS X – new update available: 10.5.8

August 6th, 2009 No comments

MacOS XThis yesterday released update should also solve some connection issues with the AirPort network.

The issues with lost connection / rebooting to and with the DROBO I’ve experienced over the last weeks seems to be related to a problem with the connection to the AirPort and the latest update versions of MacOS X (10.5.7) and a firmware update of the AirPort Extreme installed lately.

Here you can get details on the update

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SMS security issue leads into new iPhone OS Version 3.0.1

August 1st, 2009 No comments

Charlie Miller (Independent Security Evaluators) and Collin Mulliner (Technical University Berlin) reported a security issue of the iPhone running OS 3.0.

Due to a memory corruption it should be possible to send SMS to the iPhone which causes crashes of the system and / or execution of code.

Apple now (31st. of July) released a new version of iPhone OS: 3.01 – this version should solve the issue. Apple also don’t miss to credit the two discoverers of the issue.

SMS security fix with iPhone OS 3.0.1

SMS security fix with iPhone OS 3.0.1

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