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iBooks and iOS4 == success; iBooks and iOS4 JB [redsn0w] != success

June 22nd, 2010 No comments

Well – some of you already realized that iBooks is not working as expected –> at downloading books the process hangs up as soon as the progress bar reaches 100%.

What is the problem? I just googled and found an support entry saying that the issue is the jailbreak with [redsn0w]. Downloading books before jailbreaking it works fine – after JB not.

Tweeted MuscleNerd about this – looking forward his response 🙂

And here we go:
For anyone who saw iBooks problems after redsn0w beta, try the latest one (see update #2 at )

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iOS4 GM != iOS4

June 21st, 2010 No comments

iOS 4Well – this is what I’ve expected. The today’s version released by Apple is NOT the same build as the iOS4 GM I was looking on the last view days.

Now waiting to get more infos and what’s all about the issues I’ve described previously…

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Again iOS4 (GM)

June 20th, 2010 No comments

What the hell…

Just recognized that there’s a problem with the contacts app now. I just wanted to create a new contact (on the iPhone 3G with iOS4 GM, no jailbreak) and realized that there is no field for phone numbers now:

New contact – phone field missing

There’s a button to add additional fields – but again no phones, no emails, no fax – NOTHING!

The + button at the ‘ringtone’ field does not work.

So I tried to create a entry and then this:

Entry without the name…

An entry was created in the contacts database – but the entry was created with EMPTY fields (Ohne Namen –> without name)…

It’s really not the way apple is normally delivering a GM of it’s new OS – so what’s going on here?

BTW: I cross checked this on my second iPhone (3G, iOS4 GM jailbreaked) –> the same behavior

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WordPress 3.0, iOS4 and other updates

June 20th, 2010 No comments

Yesterday I’ve started to update my infrastructure (not GIS powered for those of you knowing them 😉 ).

One of the big changes so far: WordPress has released version 3.0 and I updated now. Went fine with one issue coming up:
I had to update my php.ini to allow more than 16M cache for scripting. There have been troubles already in the past when viewing the admin-page – but with 3.0 installed the admin page even didn’t show at all.
To get rid of this I first removed all the plugins to get sure the installation was fine on it’s base. After this the php.ini was updated with this little change: …16M… to …64M… for setting the cache for scripting.
Now it works perfectly.

iOS 4Second thing was that I’ve updated my iPhones last week with the GM iOS4 and realized that the phones performance went down dramatically.
I wasn’t sure what the problem was – but I saw it running faster on other phones…
In addition I was disappointed that the ‘wallpaper’ feature will NOT work on 3G phones. I think this is not performance related at all, only to push ‘old’ 3G users to the shop for getting a new iPhone4.
So I jailbreaked one of my phones today to check it out – and surprise, surprise… the phone is FASTER and reacting on touch-events now again much better. So my decision for the next days: I’ll give it a try 😉

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