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T-Mobile iPhone4 fun

July 30th, 2010 2 comments

My contract for the current iPhone 3G is on it’s end and so I’m able to prolong it beginning with 1st of september.

I checked T-Mobiles homepage and found their promise for being customers to get the new iPhone4 for a BETTER price… well, not only a better price:

So I contacted T-Mobile by phone and got a operator. I asked about the details of the prolongation and was finally very suprised.

The offer was: give us all your bonus-points, prolong the contract for 24 additional months (beginning with March 2011), pay us monthly 39,– EUR (as I pay currently) and in addition the special iPhone4 price: 199,– EUR.


That’s exactly what EVERY user has to pay when he comes to them and sign a contract with the same conditions – but remember: new customers DON’T have bonus-points! Ahhh, yes. Sorry didn’t understand… the special price is that existing customers have to pay the price as all the new customers and ON TOP give their bonus-points…

Btw: I would have to switch my current contract to a new version… with 1GB only instead of 3GB!

But this is not the end of the story – one more thing…

I’ve two contracts and on the second one are also many bonus-points; so I asked what the price for the phone would be when using ALL the bonus points (almost the double points then).

You won’t believe what the answer was: EUR 650,–

Remember: the unlocked iPhone could be purchased cross the Border in Switzerland for EUR 565,– and in Italy for EUR 659,– WITHOUT ANY CONTRACT or bonus-points…

So every time you give bonus-points the price for the device goes up…


T-Mobile told me now that the benefit for existing users is the fact that they receive the new iPhone4 on the same price a new customer would get it. They also told me that I’ll save 50€ in comparison to a new customer.

Dear T-Mobile!

This is only the half truth. Yes – I’ll save 50€ if I calculate it on the base that a new customer get’s his iPhone4 via a local store – but if he’s ordering via the online store he get’s a rabat of 39€… so I would get it at least 11€ cheaper then a new customer?
In addition you want to force me changing the current contract what in detail means that my free traffic would shrink from 3GB to 1GB.

Wow – what a deal!!!

Keep in mind that a new customer at Orange get’s 25€ Webshop Bonus and in addition 50€ Switching-Bonus… and the contract even contains an roaming-feature with 300mins for free within EU-calls.
So – thank you for the fish. I’ll get a contract with Orange later on. Bye, bye T-Mobile…

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Vacation ended, iPad ordered

July 30th, 2010 No comments

I’m back from Greece – and no, I was not affected by their strikes 🙂

iPad 16GB WiFi only

Apple iPad

Being back I did what I’ve decided during my vacation – I ordered a iPad at the Apple Store. MediaMarkt – where I checked in for the iPad first didn’t have one any more. They are out of stock… and the shopmen there are really not happy about this situation…

Well – Apple told that they will deliver it on Aug. 11th, so that it’s in my hands on Aug. 16th – but todays ordering-status tells me something different:

iPad ordering status

So hopefully I’ll have it early next week 🙂

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