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Hot corners & Menu bar in Fullscreen-mode & dragging files/objects stop working

January 20th, 2013 No comments

Sometimes it happens to my MBP late 2008 that the hot corners stop working. If this happens also the menu bar is not showing when trying to open it during the fullscreen mode of an app (e.g. Safari, Aperture).

If this happens, then also dragging of files (in the finder, sometimes also objects within applications) is not working as expected any more – they stick to the mouse pointer and can’t be released anymore.

This behavior is really annoying – but fortunately very seldom.

When googeling for the description of the issue you can find many entries about that – but no real solution is there.

To solve the hot-corner issue you can stop the task ‘mdworker’ task by opening the activity monitor and stop the task. The mdworker is related to the spotlight search and is restarted automatically by initiating a spotlight search.

But this won’t bring back the menu bar in fullscreen mode or solve the dragging issue.

What I found now by ‘try and error’ seeking was, that the issues also stop when activating the standy-mode of the MBP (e.g. by closing the shell). After reactivating the MBP ¬†everything works as normal.

What not worked for me:

  • Upgrading to the latest OS version (currently: Mountain Lion 10.8.2)
  • Restart in safe-mode and repair Disk-Permissions
  • Restart in safe-mode and repair Permissions of Users Homedirectory

Has anyone a better solution? Please comment…

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