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Lion is coming…

July 20th, 2011 No comments

Apple: We'll be back soon.

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How to get an US / DE iTunes account without a credit card

March 11th, 2011 1 comment

iTunes Account

I’m living in Austria – and that means for me not to have access to all the good stuff iTunes provides to users from the US or even DE where I live nearby.

So for example I love it to read – but the books which are available in Austria via the iTunes bookstore are only ‘free’ ones – from the Project Gutenberg.

Another point is that many apps are not available outside the US store…

So – what to do?

Read more…

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iPhone Apps which aren’t apps…

November 21st, 2009 No comments

Chronograph b01These days I searched for new apps at the appstore – but it seems that the ‘developers’ don’t have many time to develop real apps… so they only create link pages to their own (or others) website(s).

I really hope that this doesn’t get the standard for iPhone apps…

Yes – I know… advertising – but that’s no excuse for such bad apps…

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‘Offline’ the last days… because of ‘Flight Control’

July 19th, 2009 No comments

You realized that there have been less entries in my blog over the last days?

Yes – you’re right… and it’s all because of ‘Flight Control’



I’m in fact not a gamer – just sometimes I like it to play around with new games… but never for a long period.
Well – with Flight Control maybe this will change… I’m playing around with this game now for several days and it is still pure fun 🙂

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New iPhone App: Rowmote 1.1 & Rowmote Helper

February 15th, 2009 No comments

In the past I owned a Sony Ericson D750i – and one of a beloved feature was to control my PC remotely with this mobilephone.

I missed this feature on my blackberry – but now i found a really successor on this feature.

On the appstore of Apple you will find a little application called ‘Rowmote’ – currently in version 1.1 – and this little application allows you to control your mac remotely… not all of the mac’s features, but the most important…


Rowmote 1.1

Rowmote 1.1

You will be able to fully control ‘FrontRow’ – including starting and ending ‘FrontRow’ remotely. That’s for me one of the good news. Another good news is that the DVD-Player, iTunes and PowerPoint are also controllable via the app.


In addition to the iPhone app ‘Rowmote’ you will need a little app installed on the Mac you want to control – it’s called ‘Rowmote Helper’ and will be started automatically after startup of the Mac.


Apple Remote

Apple Remote


Also a nice iPhone Application is the Apple internal developed ‘Apple Remote’ which allows you to extend you iPhone Library to any wireless available library the tool is able to find.

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