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iTunes does not sync with iPhone, iPad (Error -1723)

May 2nd, 2014 2 comments

During the last few weeks I realized that my iPad mini wasn’t synchronizing any more. The error -1723 was shown.

At the Apple forums I found a couple of entries talking about this error and where it is coming from. Apple support gives the advice to

* change the USB cable and / or

* change the USB port to which it is connected to

* re-install iTunes

* re-install OS X (Mavericks in that case)

They also mentioned that Apple is telling them that the problem is hardware related and they should show up in a retail store to check.

Most of the people didn’t have luck with the suggestions Apple was providing – and I personally ran through some of them – but i didn’t re-install OS X – also with no luck at all.

Instead of doing a complete reinstall I tried to drill down the problem itself and recognized at some point that the media browser wasn’t showing photos any more – not in iTunes, but e.g. in Pages, Mail, Numbers…

That pointed me to the photo library and I started to have a deeper look at that. Knowing about the media browser issue in other applications I now checked the photo tab within iTunes when a iDevice is connected and found that there was only a spinning wheel shown… for hours. So for me this was now the indicator that something is wrong with the photo-libraries.

The setup I’m using here is:

MBP late 2008
Aperture 3.5.1
iPhoto 9.5.1 installed (but not in use)
iTunes 11.1.5

I started to test some settings and one was to setup a new Aperture Lib. I then opened iPhoto and selected this library there too.  Everything worked fine – but the media browser still was not able to show the content of the library (even if there was no content) –> spinning wheel.

My main idea then was, that maybe there was something changed with one of the last Aperture updates regarding the common use of the lib by both applications – Aperture and iPhoto.

As I didn’t use iPhoto any more I now decided to select a different Lib for iPhoto and Aperture. I opened iPhoto and created a new, fresh Library there.

After that I re-opened iTunes, selected the iDevice which should be synchronized and moved to the Photo Tab there.

And guess what – yes the spinning wheel was gone and instead of that I now was able to choose Aperture from the drop down list:

iTunes Photo Library settings

iTunes Photo Library settings

Starting from this point everything worked now like a charm – synchronizing wasn’t a problem any more 🙂

So it wasn’t a hardware issue at all – luckily!


Solution at a glance:

  1. Open iPhoto
  2. Create a new Library for iPhoto (File/Switch to library…/Create New…)
  3. Close iPhoto
  4. Open iTunes
  5. Connect the iDevice
  6. Open the Photos-Tab
  7. Select the Aperture Library (because I’m using it as my primary lib)


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yes – world is going crazy…

June 4th, 2009 No comments seems to be partly down:


Servers down in youtube land

so now many kids around the world don’t know what to do with the rest of the day 😉

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The Seagate issue…

March 15th, 2009 No comments

Barracuda 7200.11

Barracuda 7200.11

After recognizing that my drobo failed due to a problem (…a known problem at seagate…) I googled around and found that the problem will get worse on time.
Users reported that their drives (Barracuda 7200.11, 1TB cap. – Model …340AS) have been locked down after a while and they couldn’t get out data because the drives even won’t be recognized any more on BIOS level…
Yesterday I downloaded the firmware update for the drive – but have to organize an external SATA dock to upgrade. DROBO is not useable to update the firmware of drives…
… today the support page at seagate vanished… only a dead link remains on their knowledge page.
A friend of mine, told me he also had the problem with the drive and got an exchange via Seagate Munich – so maybe this would be the way I’ll go now.
Another friend of mine also has troubles with his drobo which are related to a Seagate drive out of this series…

Seems that they have a problem with the knowledge-DB at seagate. All links are not working…

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No luck with my DROBO

March 12th, 2009 3 comments
Disk Error - DROBO

Disk Error - DROBO

Today I tried to reconnect to my Drobo via my MBP… but I had no luck – drives have not been accessible.

So I decided to connect it not via the Airport Extreme – i connected it directly via Firewire.

This trial showed me the error-dialog you can see on the left side.

But I was a little bit happy about the fact that I was able to backup my data stored on the Drobo back to my MBP.

Well – I bought the Drobo to store data in a save way on an external disk – but it seems that the Drobo was the wrong choice – instead of backing up data to the Drobo I’m now backing up data to my laptop —> definitly the wrong way it goes…

I gave now the Drobo support a try – waiting what happens next…

Update: 13th March, 2009
What a perfect support by Drobo Inc. 🙂
Just opened a support case I was contacted in a perfect way – direct questions related to the issue, fine communication between different contacts at Drobo Inc Support and a fast result for their analyses about the issue itself.

It looks like I’ll have to blame Seagate and not Drobo – the problem seems to be a 1TB seagate disk which is used in my drobo:

Seagate drive with error...

Seagate drive with error...

There’s a knowledge base entry with several tools to check your drives at the seagate page – thank’s to Steven Ponder (Drobo Support) for providing the link.

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PANIC: Talk to Russ if you get here!

February 26th, 2009 No comments

There’s a really coooool technote on IBM’s Lotus Domino Support site:

Problem Domino 8.5 server crashes with Panic message

Technote (troubleshooting)

Domino 8.5 server crashes with Panic message “PANIC: Talk to Russ if you get here!”

Server crashes attempting to open a NIF container. Panic message is unusual and not descriptive.

## thread 63/131 :: server pid=426356, k-id=unning 3, pthr-id=15935
## stack :: k-state=wait, stk max-size=269208, cur-size=15864
ptrgl.$PTRGL() at 0x200003d0
raise.nsleep(??, ??) at 0x2002055c
raise.nsleep(??, ??) at 0x2002055c
sleep(??) at 0x200ce23c

Well – IBM layed off many people of their core staff the last 30days… so I hope for their customers prompted the red panic box with the above mentioned advise that Russ is still ‘property of IBM‘…

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