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Pimp my MacBook Pro

December 29th, 2009 No comments

Found at ''Cool add-on for your MacBook Pro…

And they have much more stuff like this in their online shop – take a look!

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Trail my paths…

May 2nd, 2009 No comments

TrailsThe iPhone can assist you with the build in GPS tracker. Basically it’s used to find your current position and displayes it on the GoogleMaps app which is bundled with the iPhone.

Beside this app there are also some additional navigation tools available on the iTunes store – some are paid apps, some for free…

I was looking for an app which is tracking my paths in the background and shows me the data afterwards in a way that can be used with an external app on my MBP.
What I found was ‘Trails’ – a little app which syncs via mail, TrailRunner application hosted on my MBP over WiFi and a direct account at ‘EveryTrail’.

I played around a little bit with Trails – and I have to say that the export is really working perfect for me. So it was time to test the app on the road.

And well – that is the point here which is giving me a ‘no go’ for this app: I mentioned that the app is definitly not working on standby mode – so you always will have to run the application in the ‘open’ mode which shows up the following problems:
+ display is on – so the power is exhausting very, very fast
+ buttons are on duty –> sometimes you push them when you don’t want to

Other apps support ‘Button-locking’ and / or ‘Display dimming’ – which would solve both issues I found with this app…

Another big problem: incoming calls end the app –> no more waypoints are stored until you restart the app; you don’t have to answer the incoming call – it’s enough that the call is there… bad behavior

I tried to put the iPhone into standby when the app is still open – but (as mentioned above) it didn’t work.
In my opinion the app is not working for me because the power is running out too fast to use it on a longer trail.

What I will have to try in the next days is to test the app with a jailbroken iPhone which supports background tasks… we’ll see.

I know – there’s another app available: MotionX GPS (Lite). But this app does not support the export functionality I expect of such an application… Trails seems here really to be the better choice…

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Rowmote & Rowmote Helper

March 28th, 2009 No comments
Rowmote 1.5 - working like a charm

Rowmote 1.5 - works like a charm

After a few weeks of testing Rowmote now I’m really happy with this toolset.

I never – never! – had any kind of problems with the application. Since I’ve started using it the app has updated continuatly (now I’m using version 1.5) -installation process was really easy and I never had to do it manually! Once connected to the MBP I was notified about the availability of a new version (Rowmote helper – this part runs on the MBP). On the iPhone side updates have been pushed via the AppStore update functionality for applications.

Also very convenient: not updating the Rowmote Helper tool does NOT mean not to be able using it anymore – it still worked like a charm.
Rowmote at iTunes
Rowmote Home

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