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GRAVATAR – Icon is not showing issue

January 3rd, 2014 No comments

If you use GRAVATAR to show profile photos on your website you may run into several issues ending up not showing the photo correctly. Instead the general GRAVATAR Icon is shown:


The two most common reasons therefor are:

  1. you’ve rated your profile photo wrong
  2. you are using the email-hash with uppercase characters instead of consequently using lowercase characters



Reason 1.:
Simply visit your GRAVATAR profile page and setup the rating by clicking on the rating-icon beside your picture (visible by hovering over the picture):

Screenshot of the 'Manage Gravatars' page



Reason 2.:
Ensure that you are using a MD5-hash which is completely setup with lowercase characters. Most of the online MD5-hash creators are providing the result string in uppercase (e.g.

To get lowercases you will have to convert the string with a tool like Textwrangler (select the text in TextWrangler and go to the menu “Text / Change Case… / All lower case”). Or you use on of the online tools like

This is – for sure – only the way if you are using static hashes – if you are doing the MD5-Hash creating automatically by using e. g. PHP in your website, then you will use

 echo md5( strtolower( trim( " " ) ) );

By using this PHP code you will ensure that the string you are hashing is free of spaces (Note: email addresses don’t contain spaces!) and the mail-address is converted to lowercase before you hash it. md5() will then generate a LOWERCASE hash for your passed string.

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March 25th, 2009 No comments

...bye, bye...

This day I’ve deleted my profile at

Why I did this? Well – as I am not a citizen of one of the preferred countries of I otherwise would have to pay a fee of € 3,–/month.
And that’s definitly not what I’d liked to do.

So – sorry for them, no scrobbling of music data anymore from my clients… bye, bye…

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