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T-mobile fun again

December 1st, 2012 No comments

Two years ago i prolonged my contract with t-mobile after they gave me a bonus after a few weeks of discussing with them. At the end now it turned out, that they didn’t tell me that they had extended my contract with another 6 month in addtion to the 24 month contract.

Today is now the day where I can start to prolong again for 24months… or not πŸ˜‰

I’ve already canceled my contract as I realized the above mentioned issue with the additional 6months… but I was really interested what their offer would now be when asking for prolongation… and I got it today…

So what is the offer… it is 182,– € calling bonus… or a new iPhone 5 for 443,– €… by prolonging the contract with 40€ a month for additional 24months…

I’m really not sure if t-mobile is knowing what ‘subvention’ means… currently I have the feeling I have to subsidize t-mobile not the other way around.

That’s it – a clear no-go… thanks – no more t-mobile now….

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T-Mobile iPhone4 fun

July 30th, 2010 2 comments

My contract for the current iPhone 3G is on it’s end and so I’m able to prolong it beginning with 1st of september.

I checked T-Mobiles homepage and found their promise for being customers to get the new iPhone4 for a BETTER price… well, not only a better price:

So I contacted T-Mobile by phone and got a operator. I asked about the details of the prolongation and was finally very suprised.

The offer was: give us all your bonus-points, prolong the contract for 24 additional months (beginning with March 2011), pay us monthly 39,– EUR (as I pay currently) and in addition the special iPhone4 price: 199,– EUR.


That’s exactly what EVERY user has to pay when he comes to them and sign a contract with the same conditions – but remember: new customers DON’T have bonus-points! Ahhh, yes. Sorry didn’t understand… the special price is that existing customers have to pay the price as all the new customers and ON TOP give their bonus-points…

Btw: I would have to switch my current contract to a new version… with 1GB only instead of 3GB!

But this is not the end of the story – one more thing…

I’ve two contracts and on the second one are also many bonus-points; so I asked what the price for the phone would be when using ALL the bonus points (almost the double points then).

You won’t believe what the answer was: EUR 650,–

Remember: the unlocked iPhone could be purchased cross the Border in Switzerland for EUR 565,– and in Italy for EUR 659,– WITHOUT ANY CONTRACT or bonus-points…

So every time you give bonus-points the price for the device goes up…


T-Mobile told me now that the benefit for existing users is the fact that they receive the new iPhone4 on the same price a new customer would get it. They also told me that I’ll save 50€ in comparison to a new customer.

Dear T-Mobile!

This is only the half truth. Yes – I’ll save 50€ if I calculate it on the base that a new customer get’s his iPhone4 via a local store – but if he’s ordering via the online store he get’s a rabat of 39€… so I would get it at least 11€ cheaper then a new customer?
In addition you want to force me changing the current contract what in detail means that my free traffic would shrink from 3GB to 1GB.

Wow – what a deal!!!

Keep in mind that a new customer at Orange get’s 25€ Webshop Bonus and in addition 50€ Switching-Bonus… and the contract even contains an roaming-feature with 300mins for free within EU-calls.
So – thank you for the fish. I’ll get a contract with Orange later on. Bye, bye T-Mobile…

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iPhone completely resetted

December 4th, 2009 No comments

My iPhone 3G bothered me over the last weeks. Why?

Well – my job brings a lot of travelling to me – almost every day I have to drive by car from Austria to Germany. So every day I’m leaving Austria the iPhone has to connect to a german partner provider (T-Mobile A –> T-Mobile D). Every phone I owned previously was doing this by itself – but not the iPhone. It just lost the connection and did nothing to connect to the partner provider.

Yes – I know… there is a preference I have to set to automatically switch. And guess what? Yeah – the preference was set to ‘automatic’… but it simply didn’t connect.

Network Selection

I always had to do this switch manually by opening the preferences menu and selecting the partner provider after the iPhone was showing up the list of providers it found.

That procedure took me sometimes up to 2 or 3 minutes… unacceptable.

Yesterday i missed several calls due to the fact that I simply forgot to switch to the german provider – bad luck, yeah. Really bad luck. But – this was the initial kick for me to get this ‘bug’ fixed.

But what should I do? I resetted the phone several times before without any change… So this was not the point. Soft-Resetting is just one way to reset your iPhone. You also have the possiblility to completely reset the phone to it’s basics by using the reset-option in the preferences menu (preferences/general/reset); therefor I yesterday used the option ‘Erase All Content and Settings’…

Full Reset

After resetting the iPhone the phone was setup as it was when I got it out of the box. Switching on showed me to connect the phone via USB cable to the computer / iTunes.

As soon as iTunes started up the phone was recognized and I was asked to reinstall the last backup – or to tread the phone as a completely new one. So I wanted to start over from the beginning and selected therefor the option to treat the phone as a new one.

Seconds later the phone was re-activated (yes it was deactived by erasing all the content) – and then a first synchronization was performed. I had to re-organize all the apps – and yes, for sure – all the infos stored on the phone have really been deleted (including all the login infos – e.g. Skype, Nimbuzz, 1Password…) – be aware if you do it the same way: you don’t get these kind of data back synched; you have to take care about this data by yourself BEFORE you start over resetting the phone. Finally Contacts & mail accounts where transferred so that the phone was perfectly setup.

The question was – would it work? Would the provider switch be done automatically? I was really looking forward to the next day πŸ™‚

And yeah – it really worked like a charm! The provider switched within seconds now.

Sideeffects? Some…

  • The phone generally got faster. This was specially recognized at the iPod features like ‘Genius Mixes’.
  • Battery indicator wasn’t showing the ‘%’ version any more; that’s a 3GS feature – but was showing on the 3G because I JB’ed it in the past (before updating to iPhone OS 3.x)
  • Battery capacity – the phone now is’nt that much battery hungry it was before

So for now – I’m happy again with my iPhoneΒ  πŸ™‚

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Tethering with iPhone

June 10th, 2009 No comments
New Network connection

New Network connection

Well – some guys have to wait till 17th of June to get tethering on their iPhone 3G working. I know one of them – customer at ORANGE…

Mhhhm – T-Mobile.AT seems not to be as bad as thought – they offer tethering without any notice… it’s just WORKING

After upgrading to 3.0 and connecting the iPhone to my MBP I changed the tethering status in the prefs of the iPhone…

After that i connected it to my MBP and got the next message there to setup the new network
And then – yeah we put down that cocktail… Tethering was working over WiFi and 3G:

So well – Chris… WHO has now the wrong provider-contract?


Network setup on the MBP

Network setup on the MBP

iPhone Screenshots

Tethering Settings, running tethering

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